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Special Olympics & The Nanton Skating Club

Here at The Nanton Skating Club everyone is important. Our skating family means everything to us.

A letter from a parent of a Special Olympics Skater: 

Special Olympics has a slogan that is promoted with Tim Hortons each year. The Slogan is "Choose to Include". The Nanton Skate Club truly lives this value and chooses to include all skaters regardless of level of ability. Our coaching staff in particular have made it possible for my child to participate in a sport that she loves. 

They have fostered that love and provided invaluable guidance to her in her crucial development years in regard to her sport. 

This has allowed my daughter to spread her wings and compete at both provincial & national level in her sport and achieve her goals. Without the partnership between Special Olympics Calgary, Special Olympics Alberta and the Nanton Skating Club, this would not have been possible for her.

This inclusion has had other positive impacts in her life, both in school and with peers. She has been able to meet and make connections with other high profile members of sport including Katelyn Osmund, Keegan Messing, Brian McGratten, and Scott Moir. 

All this because three coaches chose to include! 

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